Modi buzz pushes NDA candidate into contest in Bihar's Maharajganj

However, Tejashwi Yadav, the star campaigner of mahagathbandhan (grand alliance), looked at ease with the response of the crowd gathered amidst blistering heat. He further alleged, “you call him (Nitish Kumar) chief minister, I call him cheat Kumar…he is Chacha 420”. “Modi ji ko hi vote padega, candidate to bekar hai( Modiji will get vote, the candidate is bogus), they said in chorus. The mahagathbandhan candidate Randhir Singh is banking on RJD’s traditional M-Y (Muslims and Yadavs) vote bank with support of his Rajput castemen, while, the NDA candidate Janardan Singh Sigriwal relies on Rajput, Vaishya and EBC votes along with “Modi buzz” to retain the seat. The Maharajganj parliamentary seat comprises six assembly segments Goriyakothi, Maharajganj, Ekma, Manjhi, Baniapur, Taraiya.